88 Tequila 

Bound together by their infinite love of fine tequila, the sophisticated line of Ultra-Premium 88 Tequila is a tribute to the founder’s spontaneous love story. This love story changed his life in 1978 at “88 Seafood Restaurant”. Both the founder and his wife have always had a true passion for Mexican culture and heritage.

Through the years they traveled together to several areas of Mexico, they fell in love all over again. Only this time they fell in love with the delicious unique flavors of 100% De Agave Azul spirits, Tequila. This new love led them to the discovery and development of our cherished tequila. Their love carries on through 88 Tequila.


Aroma: Delicate Herbal Notes, Citrus Aromas, Floral Background

Palate: Agave, Herbal & Citrus Notes,

Pleasurable Finish


Aroma: Delightful Butter, Pecans, Almonds

Palate: Agave, Butter, Pecans & Almonds, Enticing Taste


Aroma: Delectable Wood Blends, Pecans & Almonds, Vanilla

Palate: Agave, Vanilla, Sweet Fruits, Pecans & Almonds, Arousing Flavor