Turn back time, embark on a journey into the British Empire. With Vintage Woody accents, our handpicked, quality Scotch, aged in traditional oak barrels, has been masterfully blended with finest Indian grain spirits to create the intense whisky experience called OAKWOOD CREEK. Travelling over a winding and picturesque voyage to arrive at your table, every drop promises a new beginning.

The interaction between the oak wood and the spirit is what crafts the character and colour of the whisky.  In honour of the Scottish art of whisky-making, it has got selected blend of quality scotch blended with finest Indian grain spirits, as an exclusive tribute to this legendary country. This is for those who loves to feel the vintage smoky taste of Oakwood and get rejuvenate the charismatic feeling which is miles away from ordinary.


Taste: Rich, smooth, fruit, Oakwood, and good length of Scotch Malt finish.

Aroma: Smooth, Fruit, Oakwood

Colour: Dark Golden